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Au pairs in Germany


Au pair is a domestic assistant from a foreign country working for and living as part of, a host family. Au-pairs are typically in search of a new cultural experience while also desiring to serve as an integral part of a parenting team. This experience usually draws au pairs to a new country and often involves improving on their foreign language skills.

An au pair take on a share of the family's responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a small monetary allowance for personal use. Being as an au-pair they must be children loving, caring, playing, babysitting etc. They must be mature, independent and positive individuals. In Europe, where the concept originated, au pairs are only supposed to work part-time, and they often also study part-time, generally focusing on the language of the host country.

Why work in Germany as an Au-pair?

Germany is one of the most sought-after countries by Nepalese Au-pairs because one can easily learn German language in Nepal. The attraction is further since Germany is very safe for International Students and Au-pairs where it is very easy for Nepalese to integrate in the German society. Germany offers a multicultural society which is vibrant, modern and very open-minded. One can easily enjoy free- time by traveling and sightseeing and enjoy visiting world-famous museums and landscapes. Given the fact that it is in the Centre of Europe, one can easily be in Paris, Madrid, London in no-time. As an Au-Pair, one will have unique opportunity to live and work in Germany with friendly German host families, where one can improve his/her knowledge of German language and learn more about German culture and life-style.

Therefore, if you are planning to become an Au-pair, Germany is the best country for being an Au-pair.

Benefits of Au pair

A candidate of age between 18-27 Years with the basic level of German language to communicate with the German Host Families in Germany . As an Au-pair is neither a Nanny nor a Worker, but simply a good opportunities, who can stay with the Host Family taking or looking after the child , learning their language , culture and many more . With the additional benefits Au-pair gains a Monthly attractive salary of 260 Euro with the addition of Accommodation in the Host Family House, with the Insurance and Addition Language school fees.

Pocket Money

An Au-Pair receives monthly 260 Euros as pocket money. Furthermore, this pocket money is also made available to the Au-Pair even in case of illness and during holidays. In addition to the pocket money, an Au-pair receives additional 50 Euros per month for the language course during her stay in family.

Board and lodging

Au-Pairs receives free board and lodging throughout her entire stay in the family since they are treated as a family member during their stay. The same applies in case of illness and during the holidays.


Au-Pairs do not have to pay for their health insurance during their stay with the family hence ,it is paid by the family.

German Language Course

Au-Pairs should attend a language course so that they can improve their knowledge of German. Usually the course fee is covered by the Au-Pairs from their pocket money but for all contracts signed after 1st July 2013, German host families contribute 50 Euros per month for the German language course for Au Pairs from non-EU Country. However, these days most families offer to pay for the whole language course fees.

Free Time

An Au -pair is entitled to one day off per week in addition to once a month. An Au- pair also must have at least 4 evenings off each week.


An Au-pair is entitled to 4 weeks of paid holiday, provided that the Au-pair placement is planned for an entire year. Should the family go on a holiday and should the Au-pair resume their regular duties such as babysitting, this is considered as work for your Au-pair. Accompanying the host family on their holiday does not count as an Au-pair holiday, unless the Au-pair has less duties and is not obliged to be available at all times.

Duties of Au Pair

Au-pairs can be expected to do a combination of childcare and light housework duties. They are not responsible for housework that does not relate to the children’s or communal living areas that are kept tidy by all family members. An Au-pair's duties may include:

  • Waking the children
  • Taking/collecting children to/from school
  • Helping with school homework
  • Playing with the children
  • Taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities
  • Preparing light meals for children
  • Doing the children’s laundry and ironing their clothes
  • Baby Sitting for the small children at evening
  • Making the children’s beds


There are no hard and fast requirements to be an Au-pair in Germany. However, the following still applies.

  1. Be between 18-27 years of age
  2. Has previous experience looking after children i.e. through private babysitting, internships at childcare centers, or Montessori teacher
  3. Has completed at least higher secondary school education
  4. Be in good health and non-smoker without criminal records
  5. Be single, unmarried and childless
  6. Be able to commit to at least a min. of six months (due to visa requirements)
  7. Be interested in learning about the German culture and language have basic knowledge of the German language (to be granted an au pair visa)
  8. Know basic German language up to A2 level or must have at least passed Start Deutsch 1

Au Pair Process

  1. Learn German language and pass Start Deutsch 1 Examination with good marks.
  2. Apply for family to an Au-pair agency or submit your details in our Application form.
  3. Most of the families require Au-pairs to attend Skype interview or talk to Au- pairs over WhatsApp / viper .
  4. Receive contract if your application is approved by the family.
  5. Prepare for visa application.
  6. Apply for visa.
  7. Get a Plane ticket
  8. You are at home in Germany

Au Pair Visa Application

Au-Pair is a long term visa and comes under category D National visas. Basically for applying for Au-pair visa, Au-pair candidate will need to set up an appointment in advance at the German Embassy.

And visit the German Embassy on the specific date and on time along with all the required documents and visa fees of 60 Euros as mentioned in the link below: Visa Information for Au Pairs

Link for visa application form


Upon arrival in the consular section, the Au -pair is interviewed by the visa consular officer. If your visa application is successful, you will be called within a week along with your passport for the collection of your visa.

Budgets and Expenses

  1. Au-Pair German Course (Please check our Au -Pair German Course for more details)
  2. German language Examination fees (Cost of Start Deutsch 1 Examination is 59 Euro )
  3. Visa fees: 60 Euros
  4. Medical charges: NRs 2600 approx. (This is requirement of Ministry of Labor in Nepal)
  5. Plane Ticket: NRs 40,000- NRs 50,000
  6. Some pocket money: 100-200 Euros

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Au Pair visa be converted to student visa?

Can Au Pair visa be converted to student visa? Technically speaking, it depends upon the state where you are working as Au -pair as every federal state has different regulation for conversion visa. However, if you want to convert your Au Pair visa to student visa, the following will apply.

  1. You must have admission letter from the university.
  2. You must demonstrate that you have funds 8100 Euros in your blocked account for converting your visa to student visa.
  3. Beside other things such as paying the fees for visa conversion and completing the forms properly, you must have your rental agreement and insurance

Most Au Pairs are told that they can easily convert their visa into student visa. This is not true. Here are the explanations.

The language aspect

Most Au Pairs who go to Germany have completed A1 and A2 (at their best). This is not enough to get university admission letter once she is in Germany. The next thing is that learning German language is not cheap in Germany and intensive courses can cost one around 300 Euros per month and au pairs receive allowance of 50 Euros per month for their language course, which at best can buy general au pair courses around 2-3 days a week.

The usual pocket money which the au pairs receive goes towards their expenses. This general course is not enough for entrance examination of the foundation course or for passing TestDaF or DSH-2 Examination. By the time it is one year most Au Pairs do not have the required language proficiency for entering the university. As a result, they either have to wait for more time to improve their language or save from their pocket money to pay for the intensive German language course.

The financial aspect

Most au pairs do not have enough funds for their blocked account deposit and it is not easy to transfer 8100 Euros from Nepal without proper documentation for eg. a draft letter from the German Embassy and the No Objection letter from the Ministry of Education.

Therefore, we recommend that if an au pair is planning to convert her au pair visa into student visa after her contract period, she should learn at least upto B1 level in Nepal and should later arrange funds required for the conversion of her visa into student visa.

Can an Au Pair stay in Germany after her contract period?

No, the Au-pair cannot extend the further contract period in Germany with the Family after the finishing of Contract but can extended it by joining the Different Diploma Programs in Germany such as possibilities of changing the Visa to FSJ program which is simple vocational volunteering program. The students will be busy in volunteering in the respective filed with the German NGO, INGO and Companies . This will take around 1 years which helps students to make their language good and will also help them further to attend the Ausbildung . The Students will get respective salary of 450 Euro basis during FSJ .


An Ausbildung is a form of vocational training or apprenticeship where a student attends school and works simultaneously. The student gains both theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time.

This is one of the best things the Au-pairs can made in Germany, during the time of Ausbildung the Students gets the certain salary and accommodation related to the respective filed where the students do their Ausbildung.

The students will get certain Salary during their Ausbildung period until the completion of the Ausbildung program which is for three years.

What is the visa processing time for Au Pair visa application?

The usual visa processing time for Au Pair visa application is same as the long- term D-category visa i.e. 6-8 weeks.

What is the visa application fees for Au Pair visa application?

The visa application fees for Au Pair visa application and all other long-term visa application is the same 60 Euros.

What are the documents required for Au Pair visa application?

Not much documents are required for Au pair visa application. The contract invitation and insurance from the host family, relationship certificate with her parents, proof of funds showing that she has enough funds to buy her plane fare and other miscellaneous things.

Can an Au Pair get married in Germany?

Getting married in Germany is not easy. However, if the Au pair is unmarried and it is proved by the local German embassy in Nepal, she may be able to get married.

Can we save money while working as Au Pair?

Usually from the pocket money not much money can be saved.

Can we work extra while staying as Au Pair in Germany?

No. Au Pairs are not allowed to work extra apart from working in the family 30 hours per week.

Can we change the host family?

Yes, if there is dispute between you and your host family and you have an agency at your disposal or a host family you have searched on your own.

What are the problems faced by Au- pairs upon arriving in Germany?

Usually cultural shock is the first thing an Au- pair faces upon arrival in Germany. The next thing is that the au pair faces problems in communicating or understanding the host family in most of the cases if the host family does not understand English. As per our knowledge the au pair faces problems in taking care of children and are unaware of most of the things in emergency.

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