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Logik Sprachzentrum offers intensive and regular German courses for your university studies and or working in Germany.

Course Levels

Logik Sprachzentrum offers Intensive German Courses upto B2 level and Regular German courses upto B1 level.

Course fees

The course fee for Intensive German Course is NRs 11,300 per level inclusive of books and materials and 13% VAT.

The course fee for Regular German course is NRs 9040 inclusive of VAT per level. The course fees for the Regular German course do not include the cost of the course books. The course books have to be purchased separately by the student.

Course fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Examination fees

The Examination fees for international German language examinations such as Start Deutsch 1, Start Deutsch 2 or Zertifikat B1 level has to be borne by the student if he or she wishes to appear examination at the test center of Goethe Institute Munich in Kathmandu or other test centres.

Duration of courses

The duration of our Intensive German Course is 8 weeks consisting of 3 hours per day and 5 days per week making a total of 120 hours of classroom instruction.

The duration of our Regular German Course is 10 weeks consisting of 2 hours per day and 5 days a week making a total of 100 hours of classroom instruction.

Admission requirements

The admission requirement for Intensive German Course is at least 65% in 10+2 or equivalent and the study gap should not exceed more than 1 or 2 years. Additional commitments from the student will be required provided that his/her grade is not 65%. But in no case students having less than 60% will be admitted in our intensive courses.

The admission requirement for Regular German Course is that the student must have passed at least 10+2 or equivalent and must have a working knowledge of English language.

Number of Participants

There will be max. 16 participants in intensive courses and the students are expected to cooperate with other participants as well.

There will be maximum 20 participants in our regular courses and students are expected to cooperate with other participants as well.


The courses are held five days a week from Monday to Friday and there is a weekly test on Sunday. The course days and test days can differ depending upon the course and the teachers. Students failing to attend the tests will not be allowed to enter the classroom. All weekly tests are mandatory without exception.


Regular attendance is very important for your success and failure to maintain at least 90% of attendance for intensive courses will lead you to exclusion from the course and no refunds will be made. Students failing to maintain 80% attendance for regular courses will be excluded from the course and no refunds will be made.

Since there is no repetition of the courses, 3 days of continuous absence from the course will lead you to exclusion from the course. In case of illness, a registered doctor’s certificate and or hospitals bills has to be produced.


Students are expected to arrive in time and at least 10 minutes before class starts. Teachers have the authority to send a student back home in case students arrive late by 10 minutes or more.

Materials required in the classroom

The student must bring red pen, black pen, and dictionary, folder for handouts and homework and exercise books in addition to the course books.


All our courses are well structured and modular and hence students are required to learn German properly. Students are required to take all the assessment examinations during and after the course. At the end of each course there is a final examination and students must appear and achieve at least 70% marks in their final examination in order to be promoted to higher level.

Obligation of the students

We expect our students to be well disciplined and respectful towards teacher. We also expect our students not to chew gums during the courses and pay full attention during the class. We ask you to refrain from here and there and cooperate with the administration and language instructors during the courses. And one more thing, mobile phones must be switched off during the class hours.

Damage to property

Students will have to pay for the damage to the property of Logik Sprachzentrum caused intentionally or unintentionally such as mishandling of furniture and or other things. A refundable damage deposit in between NRs 1000 may be imposed at the time of the start of the course.


Students are expected to exhibit proper discipline with instructors, staffs and their classmates. Students must not make unnecessary remarks on their classmates or teachers or others. Extreme behavioural deficiency and exhibition of improper actions such as fights will be reported to Nepal Police for further actions.

Course timings

Logik Sprachzentrum advises students and learners of German language courses to check the suitability of the course timings before enrolment in our courses. Course timings will not be shifted once the course has started.

Course Start dates

The course start dates for 2015-2016 are published in our website www.logik.com.np, however the actual course dates may vary depending upon the availability of teachers, the course completion of other language groups etc and therefore students are advised to check the actual course start dates before enrolment. In case the course is postponed due to technical problems, students will be informed in advance.

Course Bookings

Completing this application form alone does not guarantee your place in our German language courses. The course fees must be paid in advance before the course starts by bank deposit for a confirmed place in one of our German courses. Our bank account details should be obtained at the time of completion of the application form and the full course fee has to be deposited in our bank account for the final course booking. Logik Sprachzentrum does not accept cash payments.


No refunds will be made in case the candidate cancels or withdraws his/her participation from the course or does not show in the course after the his place is confirmed in our course. However in case of severe problems, the student can apply in writing for the extension in the next course date.

Course Cancellations and others

Logik Sprachzentrum reserves the right to cancel a course in case less than 12 students are admitted in each course and in such case the course fees will be refunded. Students must claim their course fees within a week after they are informed about the course cancellations. Logik Sprachzentrum reserves the right to admit or reject a student in its language course. Course fees will be refunded within a week to those students who could not be admitted in our courses either due to overcapacity or other technical problem. Logik Sprachzentrum Pvt. Ltd. will not be held liable for things beyond its control or situations such as natural disasters.

Photographs/Promotional Materials

Photographs of students attending the courses may be taken time to time and can be used in digital or print media promotions of German language courses for which Logik Sprachzentrum will not be required get additional permission from the students. With the signature at the end of this document, the student authorizes Logik Sprachzentrum for the use of his her photographs taken at its premises for promotional content in digital or print media advertisement.

Data Protection Policy

Logik Sprachzentrum employs the highest level of data protection of its students and learners. Logik Sprachzentrum works in cooperation with Edupark to offer intensive German courses and thus also adheres to the data protection policy of Edupark Pvt. Ltd. as well. In doing so, Logik Sprachzentrum is bound by the strictest of legal standards.

  • All data protection stipulations are strongly upheld: only Logik Sprachzentrum and its partner Edupark Pvt. Ltd. have access to the application data of the students.
  • As a rule, the applicant’s data are not given to third parties, nor are they used to generate statistics that may enable conclusions about any one person. However, the data can be used to generate statistics about the overall trend and ratio of students. An exception to this is the data of the attendance and test performance report which is used to analyse the performance of individual students, attendance in classroom and this performance report may be transmitted to the parents of the students upon request.
  • All application documents in paper form are archived at Logik Sprachzentrum for one year, and then destroyed.
  • All electronically-recorded data is saved for a period of four years, and then deleted.

I have read and understood the general terms and conditions of admission in German language courses of Logik Sprachzentrum. With my signature here, I affirm that appropriate actions may be taken against me in case I fail to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned above. I do understand that in case of disputes or misunderstandings the decision made by Logik Sprachzentrum will be final.