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Due to the ongoing lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic it is no longer possible to offer Face to Face Courses at our German language facility. All our Face to Face German Courses are now offered as Online Courses. We shall resume Face to Face German Courses as soon as we have permission from the Public Health Authority to run in person courses. 

Course start Dates ( Face to Face German Courses)

The course start dates for our Face to Face German Courses will be published here once the lockdown is lifted and it is possible to deliver Face to Face courses. Until then we would like to ask you to join our Online Courses which is a replica of our Face to Face courses.

Course Start Dates ( Online Courses )

Course level

 Start Date

Course Timing

Online Course A1


2:00 -4:00 PM

Online Course A1


7:00 - 9:00 AM

Online Course A1


11:00 - 1:00 PM

Online Course A2


7:00 - 9:00 AM

Online Course B1


3:00 - 5:00 PM

Frequently asked question Online German Courses

Q1. What is the course fee for Online German Courses?

A: The course fee for our Online German Course is NPR 9040/- per level including books and materials in digital format.

Q2. What is the timing of the Online German Courses at Logik Sprachzentrum?

A: Different course timings are available based on the need of the students and availability of the teachersWe do have different time available according to the needs of students , Morning and Afternoon Shifts are available

Q3. What is the duration of the course?

A: Each Online course lasts for 8 weeks and runs from Sunday to Friday 2 hours/day.

Q4. Are there trial classes available?

A: No, we do not offer trial classes. You can only be admitted in our Online German Course once you have paid the course fees in full.

Q5. Can we join the Face to Face Courses once the institute opens with the same course fees?.

A: Yes, it is possible to join Face to Face courses once the institute is open. It must be noted that the course fee for Face to Face course is different. We do not recommend switching from Online to Face to face courses before a course is complete.

Q6. Do you provide a certificate of participation of the course?

A: Yes, we shall provide a certificate of participation to students who have successfully completed the course with at least 80% attendance. 

Q7: Do we have the opportunity to take examinations during the course?

A: Yes, we do offer internal examinations to assess your level of learning throughout the course.

Q8. Do we get opportunity to have the speaking classes also through online ?

A: You not only have the opportunity to speak in German during the course but other skills such as reading, writing and listening are also covered throughout the course.

Q9. How many students will be there In the group ?

A: A maximum of 16-18 students can participate in the online course. 

Q10. Do we get online books and materials ?

A: Yes we will provide anything and everything that is required for effective learning in digital format.

Interested in attending our Online German Courses?

Please visit the link below for more information about our Online German Courses.
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