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FAQs German language course

Basic Questions

I have just passed 10+2 and I am planning to study in Germany. How many months of German language must I learn in order to be eligible to study in Germany?

Students who plan to study Bachelor degree in Germany in German medium must learn German language course for six months and pass B1 level of German language before they can apply for university places in Germany. If you need in-depth counseling for studying in Germany, we would like to ask you to visit Edupark (location: www.edupark.com.np/contact). Students who would like to study in Germany can directly learn German language from A1 level to B1 level and register for Goethe Zertifikat B1 at Goethe Centre Kathmandu.

I am thinking of going to Germany as an Au Pair. Which level must I learn before I can apply?

The basic German language requirement of being an au pair in Germany is A1 level and students must have passed Start Deutsch 1. However, it is important that such students develop a good understanding of German language even though they only learnt A1 level or passed Start Deutsch 1. Given the huge number of applicants for au pair visa application, these days German Embassy may ask such candidates to present Start Deutsch 2 Examination certificate. Students who learn German language with us can learn up to A2 level and directly register for Start Deutsch 2 Examinations at Goethe Centre Kathmandu. For more information about examination dates for Start Deutsch 1 or Start Deutsch 2, please contact Goethe Centre Kathmandu (web: www.goethe-kathmandu.edu.np and Tel: 01-4250871)

I am a graduate student and planning to study Master degree in English medium. Up to which level must I learn for my day to day life in Germany?

Usually, graduate students aspiring to study in Germany do not require German language for admission in Master degree program, however some universities may ask students to present Start Deutsch 2 Certificate depending upon the program they choose. For day to day activities in Germany, we recommend students learn up to at least A2 level of German which will make them at ease when it comes to speaking for their daily lives in Germany.


What is the duration of each level?

The normal duration of Intensive German language course is 8 weeks or 2 months for each level with 3 hours of instruction per day and our German classes run from Sunday to Friday.

The duration of our Standard German language course is 10 weeks with classes running from Sunday to Friday with 2 hours of teaching per day.

How long does it take to complete B1 level?

It takes at least 24 weeks or six months to complete B1 level if you choose our Intensive German course or at least 30 weeks to complete B1 level if you choose our Standard German Course.

How long does it take to learn upto B1 level in Germany?

It takes 6 months to complete B1 level even in Germany for absolute beginners. It is recommended that students interested in studying in Germany complete B1 level and pass Goethe Zertifikat B1 Examination as this is also the visa requirement for student visa application for studying Bachelor degree in Germany. In Germany it can be very expensive upo 350 Euros per month. Moreover there will be a very good chance for your visa after you have passed B1 level with good marks.

Cost/Course fees

What is the cost of the language course?

The course fees of our Intensive German course is NRs 11300 per level plus books (NRs 1500). The cost also includes 13% govt. taxes and materials used in the classroom for effective German language learning.

The course fees or the cost of our standard German course is NRs 9040 per level plus books (NRS 1500). The cost also includes 13% govt. taxes and other practice materials and mock tests papers used in the classroom for effective German language learning.

Class Time

When does the class starts?

Intensive German courses are held in the morning from 7:00 AM -10:00 AM, in the day from 11:00 AM -2:00 PM and from 3:00 PM -6:00 PM. There can be slight changes in the course timings depending upon the request of the whole group and availability of our German language teachers.

Standard German courses are held in the morning from 7:00 AM -9:00 AM and in the evening from 5:00 PM -7:00 PM. Sometimes depending upon the requests of group special timings can be arranged. Please check in advance at our Infodesk!

Books and Materials

What are the books that are used in the language course?

Starting from November 2016, we shall be changing the course books and Netzwerk series of course books from Klett Langenscheidt Verlag will be used in our Intensive and Standard German courses. Apart from these course books, different books from different publishers for exam preparation as well as different books for Grammatik may be used during the courses depending upon the need of the students. All our books and materials are latest and upto date to give you a real understanding of the current use of German language in Germany.

Which dictionary is good for German language learning?

We recommend Langenscheidt Taschenworterbuch, which can be purchased from general bookstores dealing with language course books and should not cost more than NRs 500. In case you are not able to find it, other dictionaries such as Collins, Oxford would also be useful.


What is the cost of the Start Deutsch 1 examination?

The Examination fees for Start Deutsch 1 Examination is NRs 6000 at the moment at Goethe Centre Kathmandu.

What is the cost of Start Deutsch 2 Examination?

The examination fees for Start Deutsch 2 examination is NRs 8000 at the moment at Goethe Centre Kathmandu.

What is the cost of Goethe Zertifikat B1 Examination?

The Examination fees for Goethe Zertifikat B1 Examination is NRs 10000 at Goethe Centre Kathmandu.

Can I directly take Goethe Zertifikat B1 Examination without learning German language at Goethe Zentrum?

Yes, you can learn German language with us and directly take Goethe Zertifikat B1 Examination at Goethe Centre Kathmandu as an external student. We would like to ask you to check the examination dates and examination registration dates at Goethe Centre Kathmandu.


I have completed A1 course from another German language institute in Kathmandu. Can I join A2 course at Logik Sprachzentrum?

Yes, you can join our A2 Intensive or Standard German courses provided that you pass in our placement test (free of cost at the moment). In case you fail the placement test, we cannot admit you in A2 level and you must learn A1 German course with us or submit Start Deutsch 1 passed Certificate or equivalent to be considered for A2 course. You must note that our German courses are filled up quickly and we can only try to place you in A2 level if there are seats available in the course.

I have completed A2 course from another German language institute in Kathmandu. Can I join B1 course at Logik Sprachzentrum?

We can admit you in B1 level provided that either you have passed Start Deutsch 2 or our B1 placement test. The number of participants in our courses are limited to 16 and therefore, please check in advance before admission.


I have heard that German language is very difficult. Is it true?

No, it is not true. Every language has its own rules and pronunciation and provided that you allow enough time and are regular in your German courses, you will soon find the difference. Every learner makes mistakes, but if you learn well and allow it enough time, you will soon improve.

What is the pass rate of students in Goethe examinations?

We have very high pass rate given our unique teaching and learning activities and good preparations right from the start.

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