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Students’ Experiences

It’s a really wonderful experience to learn German language at Logik. I find the management and the class environment very satisfying

Mitu Bati

Logik Sprachzentrum is such a great place to learn German language where we can find friendly environment and perfect environment to learn. The teachers are well trained and helpful that helps students learn easily and smoothly. I would like to thank the whole team of Logik Sprachzentrum for providing such great place to learn so easily. Thank you !

Deepa Maharjan

My experience here at Logik Sprachzentrum is awesome. I have already been able to introduce mysefl fluently in Deutsch in just two weeks.

Saru Malekar

There are many German language institutes in Kathmandu and I think Logik Sprachzentrum is the best . Here each class size is small and well equipped and everyone gets full attention from the teachers. Teachers are highly experienced and resourceful, however courses here are rigorous compared to others. But at the end you can really feel the change. Logik Sprachzentrum prepares for your language needs in Germany, not only to pass the German language examinations.

Raj Kumar Rana

The teachers and staff members are highly experienced in teaching German language courses. The environment is very good for learning German.

Bishal Babu Basnet

I have found the teaching method of Logik Sprachzentrum very good. There is a good interaction between students-students and students-teachers which is an important element of language learning. All the teachers are highly qualified.

Puspmani Chataut

Logik Sprachzentrum provides the best environment to learn German language.The teaching faculty is quite good. We have here friendly and competitive environment. The teaching materials which this centre provides are wonderful.

Arbinda Pokharel

This is really a good institution.Teachers are friendly and supportive. This institute works for the quality education of the students. I am lucky that I joined language course in this institute.

Prashant Raj Acharya

Logik Sprachzentrum provides best environment with excellent and experienced teachers for learning German.

Milan Shrestha

Logik Sprachzentrum is one of the finest language institute in Kathmandu. At first my friend recommend this institute and I find this institute the best .The learning materials here is very good.Teachers are friendly. If you want a good language education, visit Logik Sprachzentrum.

Pramila Koirala

Since eight months, I have been attending language course at Logik Sprachzentrum. In my opionion, Logik Sprachzentrum is the best language centre in Kathmandu. Effective communication and proper interaction has helped me learn German within a short time.

Laxmi K.C.

I have been learning German language since the last 8 months and I found it very interesting. I want to suggest that learning German language course at Logik Sprachzentrum will be a very good decision. I found Logik as the best institute for learning German and you will too!

Diwash Pandeya