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Students’ Experiences

Materials provided are good and classroom are maintained in a way to help student interact with teachers easily. Although learning a new language is a tough job but the institution and the teacher are always there to help out. So, it’s been a good experience overall.

Manish Ojha

In Logik Sprachzentrum I have a very good experience learning German. We can find here teachers are very strict and also friendly while teaching German Language. It is a way to good learn german. Here we can enhance our language.

Sophie Karki

I find German language a bit tough than other language but after learning at Logik Sprachzentrum my perception towards German language is changed. I am having a great experience beacuase I am able to learn new things.

Shiwani Malla

The experience of learning new language has been wonderful. In the initial stage I found it quiet difficult but after certain classes, I have started to understand the language. Learning new thing is never easy but at Logik Sprachzentrum, the learning environment and the materials around here helps to learn the language smoothly.

Lomas Shrestha

I find quiet good atmosphere around here and honest, hardworking professional teachers as well. I hope goals can be achieved easily during our span at Logik Sprachzentrum.

Bhimsen Sapkota

Learning German language in Logik Sprachzentrum has been really good so far. It is good institute for anyone who wants to learn further German language.

Binita Limbu

Choosing to learn Deutsch at Logik Sprachzentrum has been a great choice. The teachers are very patient and helpful and are always ready to help. Learning here is fun.

Ramesh Gupta

Learning German at Logik Sprachzentrum has been fantastic. The learning environment is very good. Learning the new language has always been interesting. So, learning German language is interesting.

Sujan Tamang

Learning German language at Logik Sprachzentrum is being very fruitful to me so far.

Sanip Rai

My learning experiencce at Logik Sprachzentrum is really good. I really am impressed by the way they teach. They are really good at motivatiing the students. The different techniques they apply to teach is really interesting.

Sharva Pyakurel

I am really thankful to Logik Sprachzentrum for providing a suitable environment to learn German. It’s my pleasure to learn German language here. I really want to thank all the teachers here.

Khaba Hang Rai

My experience at Logik Sprachzentrum is very good. I love the way they motivate students and help us learn in a better manner.

Aashma Rijal