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Students’ Experiences

My German language course at Logik Sprachzentrum is good and effective. Here I can learn with fun and more practically. All my friends are good and friendy with me. My German language learning is going on very smoothly.

Raju Dahal

I found Logik Sprachzentrum as one of the best institutes for German language. I found here all the teachers are best in teaching. I found here familiar environment where students can get right information too.

Srijana Ghale

It has been very good experience. The beginning course A1 has made our foundation in german language very good and A2 class has speaking and comprehension. Variation in the method of teaching has provided us the necessary knowledge for us to enter the next stage in foreign language learning. I feel hope that this will continue for our upcoming level and for other upcoming students too.

Avip Bastakoti

Friendly class learning environment, good and experienced teacher with an ordered regular and disciplined progressing of lesson is what I found in Logik Sprachzentrum.

Sanjay Kumar Satyal

After wasting my four months after +2, I came finally to the decision of learning german language at Logik sprachzentrum, which was my best decision. Teachers here are very friendly and helpful. The studying materials that we need are enough. So I can say that learning Deutsch was really fun. Though Deutsch was not so easy our teachers made them easy for us.

Puja Khadka

I am felling lucky that I am connected with Logik Sprachzentrum. The practice materials and course content are outstanding which are really helpful for us. The management group and teachers are superb. I am fortunate that I am student of Logik Sprachzentrum.

Gagan Khatiwada

I was in a search of the best language institution. Eventually I found Logik Sprachzentrum. Thereafter I joined the class at Logik Sprachzentrum. At the beginning I found learning German at Logik Sprachzentrum quite interesting. I found that teachers are not only the good language instructor but also a good guide and counselor. Coming to this level, I found myself very good in German language. The most important thing I like about this institution is management about everything. The good management eventually creates a good learning Iatmosphere. Everyone can learn easily and implies it to our general speaking and writing.Thus I find learning at Logik Sprachzentrum quite impressive.

Siddhartha Datheputhe

After one year of my +2 exam I have received nice guidelines from Logik Sprachzentrum. Teachers are friendly and encourage me to do better than before. I did not have even a little bit hope also, when I learnt German first time but soon I became confident after the teacher and friends helped and encouraged. Logik Sprachzentrum provides the best German language education. It feels like Logik Sprachzentrum is our guardians.

Sabina pantha

I am here since last six months. I had not thought that I would learn German language this quickly but with the environment of the Logik Sprachzentrum it was possible. I think this is because of the dedication of the instructors and the management, the extra effort they put on to ensure you get the best quality possible is the highlight of this institution I am glad to be here.

Samrat KC

Since I have been at Logik Sparchzentrum I have found that, I am in the right place to learn German language. Here I found very good environment to learn. Teachers are friendly and helpful. But also, I think there is a place to improve.

Dolendra Adhikari

It is a very good experience to learn German language at Logik Sprachzentrum till date. I feel no regret in joining this language institute. Initially I feel a bit hard to understand the teaching methods here. But now, I have no doubt that the teaching methods are the best with best intellectual and experienced teachers. As time goes on, I manage to adapt here. I am learning German Language in very proper way. So this is a very good institution.

Raju Pakka

Logik Sprachzentrum is one of good language class for learning German. All teacher of this institute have good experience. They teach us by heart and make us proud to be here. They provide good materials for quality language learning. Thank you.

Rejina Gauli