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Au pair German Courses

Different types of German language courses are available in Nepal which can be broadly classified into Intensive and regular courses. Au pair German course at Logik Sprachzentrum is the first of its kind specialized course to support girls who are interested in becoming an au pair in Germany. The focus group of our au pair German course is girls between 18- 27 years old who want to become an au pair in a host family in Germany. The specialty of our Au Pair German course is that it takes all the aspects of fluency and understanding about living in a family and at the same time caring for children. In addition to the normal German lessons, the au pair German course encompasses practical training aspects about life and living as an au pair in Germany.

The German language requirement for becoming an au pair can vary from agency to agency or family to family. Some agencies may accept applicants with SD1 certificates whereas some may require applicants to have at least SD2 certificate, however, we strongly recommend you pass the A2 examination before applying for family or visa and have good fluency in spoken German to increase your visa chances. It is best to process for your host family after having passed the SD2 examination and when you are learning the B1 German language. We normally offer Au Pair German courses up to the A2 level. Au pair candidates can also join our Intensive German course or Standard German course at B1 level to improve their German language proficiency. The higher your German language proficiency, the better chances you have to succeed in finding a host family and getting a visa for becoming an au pair in Germany.

Candidates planning to become an au pair in Germany must be serious in the German language course and must allocate at least 3 hours at home for assignments and self- learning to get the most out of their German language course with us. Our Au Pair German courses are as follows:

Au pair German Course A1

Our Au pair German language course A1 is suitable for Au-pairs . Netzwerk A1 books are used during the courses in addition to an abundance of handouts and teaching materials from other publishers. Students taking the course to complete the course with final examination Start Deutsch 1 at the end of the course.

Au pair German Course A2

Au-pair German language course A2 at Logik Sprachzentrum is suitable Au-pair , who have passed Start Deutsch 1 Examination with at least 60 percent marks and consists of Netzwerk A2 books are used during the courses in addition to an abundance of handouts and teaching materials from other publishers. The duration of the course is 10 weeks.

FAQs Au pair German Courses


1. I am thinking of going to Germany as an Au Pair. Which level must I learn before I can apply?
The basic German language requirement of being an au pair in Germany is A1 level and students must have passed Start Deutsch 1. However, such students must develop a good understanding of the German language even though they only learned A1 level or passed Start Deutsch 1. Given the huge number of applicants for au pair visa application, these days German Embassy may ask such candidates to present the Start Deutsch 2 Examination certificate. Students who learn the German language with us can learn up to A2 level and directly register for Start Deutsch 2 Examinations at Goethe Centre Kathmandu.


2. What is the difference au pair German course and other courses offered at Logik Sprachzentrum?

Au pair German course is a specialized course designed mainly for candidates who want to become an au pair in Germany. The course includes training sessions about life and practical aspects of becoming an au pair whereas Standard German courses prepare applicants for English taught programs to be able to use the German language independently and find some part-time jobs during their stay as a student in Germany. Intensive German courses are a bit more lengthy and more power-packed and contain more grammatical training and technical aspects of the German language which is required for studies at a university.


3. What is the cost of the Au pair German course per level?

The cost of the Standard German course is NRs 12430/- per level for books and materials per level.


4. Are there any other fees apart from the course fees and the books and materials?

There are no other fees for internal examinations or anything such apart from the course fees and the cost of books.


5. I have completed A1 at another institute. Am I eligible to join the A2 Aupair German course at Logik Sprachzentrum?
Yes, you are eligible to join our A2 Aupair German course at Logik Sprachzentrum, however, you must take a placement test if you have not passed Start Deutsch 1. The placement test is free of cost and it helps to determine your German language proficiency level. If you fail to pass the test or your German language proficiency is not up to the A2 requirement, you will have to repeat an ongoing A1 course (for a subsidized fee) before you can start the A2 course.


6. What is the length of the Aupair German course?
The length of the Au pair German course is 8 weeks.


7. What is the duration of the classes per day?
The duration of the classes is 3 hours per day or 4 teaching units of 45 minutes each with classes running from Sunday to Friday.


8. Are there any discounts in the course fees for groups?
Usually, there are no discounts for individual applicants, however, Logik Sprachzentrum offers a 10 percent discount to students who come in groups of 2 or more students and get admission on the same day.


9. Do I get a certificate of participation at the end of the course?
Yes, we offer a certificate of participation free of cost for students who complete the course at least with 80 percent attendance and pass all the chapter tests and internal examinations in our German course. Students who have attendance less than 80 percent or fail the internal and or chapter tests are not eligible to receive a certificate of participation even though they have completed the course.


10. What will happen if I fail the A1 final examination at Logik Sprachzentrum?
It is very unlikely that you will fail the final examination of the A1 German course if you are regular in the course and allocate at least 2-3 hours of self-studies at home. Due to unforeseen circumstances in case you fail the final examination of the A1 German course, you are eligible to repeat the A1 course at a discount of 40% on the A1 course fees.


11. How can I get admitted in the Aupair German Course?
You can apply online on our website and pay the course fees in person or deposit in our bank account to confirm your place in our German course, you can visit us in person and complete the paper-based application form followed by course fee payment at the reception. It is important that you come along with a copy of your passport or citizenship certificate and 2 passport size photos or you can later submit once your class starts.


12. What is the admission requirement for the A1 course?
There are no such admission requirements since our German language courses are not university courses but language training courses, however, we strongly recommend you to have at least 8th grade English which will allow you to have an overview or comparative understanding of German language in the A1 level. Apart from the basic English requirement, you must have a good learning attitude and regular study habits at home to be successful in our German language course.