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Intensive German course starts 20th May 2018

Our upcoming Intensive German course is scheduled to start from 20th May 2018 onwards. Interested candidates are requested to book their place in our German course as soon as possible as our courses are packed very quickly.

Intensive German course starts 20th May 2018

A unique kind of Intensive German course is being prepared for students who are aspiring to study their Bachelor degree in Germany. This is because of the fact that the Studienkollegs and universities require a much higher level of German language proficiency compared to yesteryears. This course also aims to address the ever increasing German language requirement for the student visa.


Our upcoming Intensive German language course is scheduled to start from 21st Aug.
Interested candidates should immediately get admitted as there are no more than 16 places per courses as our German courses are filled up more quickly.

New Books for our German courses!

Starting from December, we have started using Netzwerk Series of books for our Intensive German courses which will give a much better learning experience to students who enrol with us. As a rule we change course books every 4 years in order to provide the latest teaching materials equip students with ongoing changes in German language courses around the world.

Intensive German course starts 6th November 2017

Starting from November 2017, our Intensive German course will be reserved for undergraduate students who would like to study Bachelor degree in German medium in Germany. In this way we shall be able to prepare undergraduate students in the best possible way for your foundation course and university studies in Germany.

Our long awaited Standard German course is scheduled to start from 6th November 2017 in the morning from 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM and from 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM. This course is especially designed for candidates who would like to become an aupair in Germany as well as for graduate students who need German language for their day to day life in Germany!

Enroll now in our German course starting 21.11.16 !

Take your German language learning experience to a whole new level with our Intensive German Courses starting 21st November !

Admission is first come first serve basis and hence we would like to ask interested students to get admitted as soon as possible in order to secure your seats.




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